Anyone who knows this trick will be treated in the hospital like in a hotel



Health insurance patients still make this mistake

In fact, many doctors are amazed at a mistake that thousands of Germans are still making these days: although it shouldn’t be missing from any insurance collection, too many Germans still don’t have supplementary hospital insurance! Doctors know that this trick can save thousands of patients from bad hospital experiences.

Get better benefits as a private patient
Anyone who has ever spent several days in hospital as a person with statutory health insurance knows how uncomfortable it can be in a large multi-bed room. The snoring, coughing and moaning of the others cause sleepless nights. Even the chief physician rarely drops by. But instead of looking at private patients with envy, you can now be treated like one yourself – without paying expensive contributions! Single rooms, treatment by the chief physician, placement of top experts and daily hospital allowance are possible for a few euros.

Health insurance patients can also become 1st class patients. With a simple supplementary insurance policy patients get even better services for a fraction of the cost of a private patient!

The solution: Surprisingly cheap
In real life, supplementary insurance pays off quickly: Because a hospital stay is usually associated with a great deal of mental stress – any relief and support that you can get during this time will help you twice!

Think about it for a moment – ​​supplementary hospital insurance can be so important!